The QR code (two-dimensional bar code) can create for free.
Operation is easy. A character string is only specified.
The number created until now:15231count
Character string:  ex.
Magnification: 12 
Error restoration capability: L(7%)  M(15%)  Q(25%)  H(30%)  It is the restoration capability at the time of a reading error.
Image type: PNG  GIF  JPG 
English has a possibility of being wrong, for automatic translation.

About image type:
A image type recommends you PNG or GIF. JPEG is not monochrome 2 value on the character of the compression format, and if it often sees, a gray portion will also exist. As for QR Code, the light and darkness of two values must clarify.
The thing which cannot treat the image of PNG depending on the kind of cellular phone also exists. In that case, please use GIF.
It may be printed by the blurred touch if a JPEG image is used with printed matter etc.
A bar code and QR Code express digital data. No gray other than black and white must not exist.
JPEG is the compression format optimized by analog data (photograph etc.).

Please read and check the created QR code with the cellular phone of a stock. A bar code reader, a bar code scanner, code reading, etc.
The amounts of data which can be embedded at QR Code are number:7089 character, alphanumeric character:4296 character, binary:2953 byte, and Chinese character:1817 character. It is carried out.
QR Code is used in various fields. In the automobile industry, "the invoice and receipt" which QR Code-ized order person information, ordering person information, product number, quantity, etc. are used for order and inspection of autoparts, or, in addition to this, it is used in various fields, such as physical distribution industry and service industries.
Although that into which URL ( was changed by QR Code gets used most and thinks a deep thing, since a Chinese character etc. can be embedded, I also regard applying to a secret message etc. as interesting.

QR Code is a kind of the matrix type two-dimensional code which the development section (it dissociates and has become the Denso wave now) of Denso developed in 1994. The pattern of the shape of a lattice of white and black expresses information.
QR originated in Quick Response (quick response), and it was developed so that high-speed reading could be performed. In Japan, it can be said to be the two-dimensional code which has spread most.
QR Code has information in all directions to a bar code having information only in a transverse direction. Therefore, there is much storable amount of information and it can store not only a number but the data of an alphabetic character or a Chinese character. Moreover, although not carried out, if recommendation is the tone which can distinguish a shade, also where a color is also attached, it can be read.

A thing called micro QR Code also exists apart from QR Code. Micro QR Code is the optimal small QR Code for space-saving and the small-quantity data use of a substrate, electronic components, etc. A logging symbol (three double crossroads) is set to one, and data accommodation efficiency is raised further.
There are not so many amounts of data which can store micro QR Code. (Being a number a maximum of 35 characters)
Since micro QR Code can store data efficiently to code size compared with QR Code, even if an amount of data increases, a code does not become large so much.

"QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave. Although a license is unnecessary to creation and use of QR Code, when displaying wording of "QR Code" on a homepage etc., the parallel entry of a registered trademark sentence is needed. Please confirm the homepage of Denso Wave for details.

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