QR codes (two-dimensional barcodes) can be created in SVG. Just specify the character string.

Generate an SVG QR code

Ideal for website coders and designers. Real-time generation.
Vector SVG is a clean, noise-free output; optimizing it in Illustrator is recommended. Explanation available.

error recovery capability:
Normally, H(30%)
Generated QRcode:
Generated SVG:
*The generated SVG code (XML) can be copied and pasted directly into Illustrator.
About SVG images:
SVG is vector data, not raster data such as PNG or JPEG. There is no jaggies when enlarged, and no noise when compressed.
For web page applications, SVG maintains clean contours even on smartphones, tablets, and high-definition displays.
When used for printed materials, these files can be opened and handled in Illustrator just like ai files.
Difference when zooming in:
Enlarge PNG
Enlarge SVG
Although the generated SVG file can be used as-is, we recommend optimizing it in Illustrator as described below for better results.

Optimizing in Illustrator:
1. Open the downloaded SVG (qrcode.svg) in Illustrator. or paste the generated XML directly into Illustrator.

2. Select all.

3. In the Pathfinder Options, set "Remove extra points".

4. Combine.

5. Draw a white square on the background and you are done. Make sure there is enough white space.

6. If you want to use it in printed materials, convert it to CMYK.
About margins and background:
The generated QR Code does not have a margin (or background) on purpose.
For web pages, you can add margins (and background) in Illustrator as described above, or adjust the padding in the area where the image is placed.
For printed materials, add margins (and background) as described above.
Please read and confirm the generated QR code with your cell phone.
The amount of data that can be embedded in a QR Code is limited to 7089 characters for numbers, 4296 characters for alphanumeric characters, and 2953 bytes for binary.
You can use it freely for both commercial and personal use.
This article is current as of 2019
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