Create HTML tables by simply pasting from Excel. Row and column merging is also reproduced. You can also choose from multiple indentations.

Excel to HTML table tag conversion

No more creating troublesome table structures in HTML. It is not uploaded to the server, so it is safe for confidential documents.
Excel to HTML. Converts Excel tables into HTML table tags. Also supports cell merging.

Copy the Excel sheet range and paste it here:Just stick it on and you're done!
After pasting, you can change the value of the cell.
Preview the results:
(A preview of the conversion result will be shown here)
HTML code of the result:
Line breaks in tr and td
table representation
intra-cellular line break
Use of TH and DT
Tags in a cell
Copy the range in the Excel sheet and paste it into the paste area on this page.

Select the Excel sheet as a range, and then Ctrl+C (or right-click to copy). Then click on the paste area on this page and press Ctrl+V (or right-click to paste).
It will be converted to HTML table format, and the preview will be displayed and the HTML code will be shown.

  • ・Excel's ruled lines and other decorations will be ignored.
  • ・The selected range becomes a table tag as it is. Therefore, please determine the range to be copied accurately.
  • ・Even if the cells are not connected in Excel, if the text overflows into the cell on the right, it may be considered connected. In such a case, please set a wide column spacing to prevent overlapping between cells, and then copy the data from Excel.
  • ・It will generate HTML consisting of table tags, tr tags, and td tags. Please adjust as necessary by adding head and body tags, or by using th for td.
  • ・For responsive use, it is convenient to use ul, li, dl, dt, dd tags instead of table tags. In this case, please prepare a table without cell merging.
You can use it freely for both commercial and personal use.
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