Notes on Computer Programming

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What is "Quick Answer", a memo related to computer programming?
If you have a slight stumbling block or question in programming, search Google. I really appreciate Google. It displays accurate information. Why do you search to find the information you need? That's because there are people who provide information, and I'm really grateful to them. Sometimes you need to give back. On this site, you can instantly write down what you noticed in computer programming, memorandums, what you found by examining and testing, and so on. I write everything about computers other than programming, such as web servers, designs, movies, and 3D graphics. Detailed explanations will often be omitted. Even so, I think it's often an immediate hint rather than worrying about 30 minutes. Therefore, we named it Quick Answer. Of course, it is not possible to cover all related matters, and there may be mistakes. For more accurate information, you should visit each official website. If the description contains any mistakes or outdated information, please let me know. I can't give you a reward, but I'd like to revise the article as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the posting date when checking the article. The information from two years ago may not always apply to the current solution. May 2017